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Who am I?

[Verse 1] Yo Yo
Single handed i commanded they couldnt stand it back then
But now they over stand it
Was it my accent or my action?I couldnt tell
Gave hell to the pharaohs till they put me on the payroll
I couldnt laylow everytime i ducked they seen my halo
Even in the cave somewhere they're like A-YOOO
We need u! You got more people ,we'll feed you
Eons from now your face'll be on Cathredals
Feeble humans weaklings of the earth,God's investment,
Straight made from dirt.
But it's all good if JESUS could volunteer then yeah
I do this one time in a million years
So let there be light and cars,the sun and mars
Women and men make love, give birth to stars
Go forth and shine your light so bright
Hold tight to my words and everything's alright
Now who am i?

Now who am i ? who am i?
If you see my face features and i'm a space creature will that give you the Jeeper creepers?2x

[Verse 2]
I was blacker than the hole in space
when they tried to attack ya held your soul in place
Always remained a master to console your faith
Always the same disaster to control your base
Okay,Put my dream team of beings together NO-WAY!
Threw a hammer to THOR told him to bang away
Chasing evil in the atmosphere everyday
So when you hear thunder you wonder
How many trees we struck and split lumber
How many demons we bucked infinite number
But i see a few among ya faking ya fools,eating ya food
Screaming Cowabunga!
Puncha ya!, throw up your luncher,not a stunt ya,we gonna hunt ya
Your time is up, you can climb but stuck,when we find you snuff
Your design aint tough,your design aint tough yo
Who am i? Straight real

[Repeat Hook]


from Infinite refinement, released February 21, 2011



all rights reserved


Johnny crown California

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