The Greeks Utopia


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[G.i Jojo Talking ]

[Verse 1]
The Greeks had great fun Bacchus stayed drunk ,Zeus was the king of the gods
Hercules was mad strong,Atlas had the whole world on his back
Nike,she's still famous how bout that?
Apollo too drove his chariot sun to the very top
Venus?still very hot! King Neptunes controlled the seas
Midas had the touch,everything turned to Gold you see?
Poseidon earth quaker,Pan father nature
Hades the king of the underworld and soul taker
Hermes the messenger,Pegasus the flying horse
Just giving you a few names of cats i endorse
Aphrodite she was mighty,the Fates spun the thread of destiny with discrepancy
No guns they relied on magickal weaponry,and Eros of the god of love sexually

Come one come all,i'm hoping ya enjoy my cornucopia
Come one come all ,i'm hoping ya to to to to Utopia

[Verse 2]
Whats wrong with symbology in mythology?
Fuck foreign policy we owe em an apology!
Instead of rainforests-killing our ecology?
I'm really praying for us healing our herbology
We need to trace back our ancestors juices
Loosers get turned to stone by medusa
Get cool with Nymphs and trolls, Leprechauns got slept upon
When once upon a time they found biguets and diamonds
Man ,we humans are steps behind,
Its other planets out there we're deaf and blind
But those that seek will be left to find a holy communion like bread and wine
Our imagination took a vacation
It should be classes in school teaching levitation
We taking the wrong medication ,we need meditation to make this a better nation!

Come one come all,i'm hoping ya enjoy my cornucopia
Come one come all ,i'm hoping ya to to to to Utopia


from Infinite refinement, released February 21, 2011



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Johnny crown California

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